Advantages of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Are you suffering from a spine condition and looking for relief? Has it become clear that only an operation will give you the relief you need?

It is time for you to consider minimally invasive back surgery. Many people go straight to traditional, open-spine surgery, because they do not know that our operations can achieve the same results with far less discomfort and complication risk. That is why we will look at your MRIs and analyze them for free. Before you go ahead and get a traditional operation, make an appointment with us to see if we can help.

Minimally invasive procedures have many advantages over the traditional ones. In the next few blogs, we will discuss them.

  1. Smaller incisions
    • Incisions in our operations can be as small as half an inch, because modern technology lets us see what we are doing without physically having to lay eyes on it. This greatly reduces the risk of infection, excessive blood loss, and scars. It is the correct use of the modern technology!
  2. Less pain
    • Smaller incisions mean that you will experience less pain, which makes your recovery time shorter. It also reduces the need for narcotics.

At the Spine Institute of North America, we are utterly committed to transparently working with you to deliver the results you need. We know that back pain can reduce your life to a fraction of what it was, and you do not have to settle for that. Reaching relief does not have to mean more pain and months of recovery. Even if you need something more than surgery, like an epidural steroid injection, we are here to deliver. Contact our spine institute in East Windsor to learn more about what we offer New Jersey!

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