Why Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Could Be For You

If you are considering getting back surgery, you need to consult with the specialists at the Spine Institute of North America. Our minimally invasive procedures achieve the same results as traditional operations with less pain management and fewer complication risks.

In our last blog, we discussed a few of the distinct advantages that our operations have over traditional open-spine surgery. In this blog, we will finish up the list!

  1. Less blood loss
    • If you get a traditional surgery, your whole back can be opened up with a long incision that usually cuts through muscle, which takes a long while to heal. Our procedures involve small incisions and dilated muscles rather than sliced muscles. You won’t need a transfusion!
  2. Shorter time in hospital and rehab
    • Our procedures simply are easier on your body. That means that they are less disruptive to your life! Many of our patients go home with just bandaids. There are fewer tissues that have to heal and fewer complications. It does not get better than that.
  3. Greater accuracy
    • Modern tools and training make our surgeons utterly accurate and precise in their work. This reduction in unnecessary damage to tissue and muscle means less pain, rehab, and medical medical expenses for you.

At the Spine Institute, we are completely committed to understanding your condition and your needs. We want to be on your team. Let us bring our decades of experience and ever-growing knowledge to whatever is making you suffer. You may think relief is not possible, but we are here to prove you wrong. Make an appointment with our East Windsor office in New Jersey today.

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