Spinal Surgery FAQ: Will I Need Therapy Or A Hospital Stay?

At the Spine Institute of North America, we are dedicated to providing both the best care and the best information. We understand that getting surgery of any kind is unnerving, and that is why we are working hard to provide great information in these blogs. This information is meant to be a starting point for you.

In our last blog, we explored general recovery time and whether or not you would have to wear a brace. In today’s blog, we are going to answer two more questions!

  1. Will I need physical therapy?
    • People who get minimally invasive surgery sometimes think that this type of procedure precludes them from physical therapy afterwards. The truth is, you will need and want physical therapy.
    • The job of physical therapy is to propel your recovery faster. Without it, your body will have a much harder time getting back to normal.
    • Most recovery programs start two to six weeks after the operation. A plan will be made uniquely for you.
  2. Why can’t I get minimally invasive surgery at a hospital?
    • Minimally invasive surgery is very technical and requires a high level of training and specialization.
    • This type of surgery requires procedures and equipment that are very expensive. At the Spine Institute of North America, we think that the expense is worth it to lessen risk and deliver relief with as little trauma as possible.

The good news is, if you are heading into a minimally invasive procedure like an epidural steroid injection, you are facing less risk, less recovery, and less pain. You are already ahead of the game. At the Spine Institute of North America, we are passionate about providing relief that our patients believe to be impossible. Contact us today to learn more!

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