Spinal Surgery FAQ: Is Minimally Invasive Surgery Safe?

Back pain can reduce your life to a fraction of what it once was. Even if the pain isn’t in your back, spine troubles can manifest themselves in other parts of your body. Either way, you can be in a world of hurt. At the Spine Institute of North America , we have dedicated ourselves to the best methods for giving people relief, including minimally invasive spine surgery.

In our last blog, we answered two questions about minimally invasive back surgery. We are going to use a few more blogs to answer some last questions.

  1. Why do I need a CAT scan, MRI, and and an X-ray before my surgery?
    • We understand that undergoing all these pre-op scans can seem to be a bit much. However, because the key to minimally invasive surgery is giving you personalized results, the surgeon needs all the input possible.
    • Understanding exactly what is going on allows the surgeon to give you exactly what you need.
  2. Is minimally invasive surgery an experimental method?
    • Because minimally invasive spine surgery is relatively new, it is common for people to think that it is experimental.
    • This type of operation has successfully given people relief for years. It is one of the most effective procedures around.
    • Minimally invasive procedures are one of the fastest-growing areas of surgery. Their effectiveness cannot be argued.

The Spine Institute of North America is on a mission to be the answer for anyone suffering from back pain. Contact us today to learn the benefits of minimally invasive spine procedures.

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