Does My Back Pain Require Professional Treatment?

Your spine plays a central role in your body’s functions, and when it has trouble, it’s difficult not to notice. That being said, we all have daily aches and pains. Issues crop up when the pain gets worse than normal. Don’t dismiss the escalating pain as something to be accepted; your body is trying to tell you something is not right.

In our last two blogs, we shared signs that it’s time to get a professional opinion on what’s happening. We have two last signs for you today!

  1. Your pain is unusually persistent or you’re experiencing jabs of pain down your arms/legs
    • If your pain has lasted more than two weeks and over-the-counter medications aren’t effective, something is up.
    • If the pain shoots down your limbs or prevents you from doing normal daily activities, it is time to check in with a professional. Most people agree with us at this point, but some decide to keep pushing and end up with permanent damage.
  2. You experience vomiting
    • Normal back pain does not make you throw up. In our last blog, we mentioned that a fever is a sign of infection. If you have a fever and are throwing up as your back hurts, you should contact your doctor or our Spine Institute to learn what is happening.

You may need something as simple as pain management or something as complex as a minimally invasive back operation. Either way, talking to a doctor is the main way for you to move forward with your life. Contact our office in New Jersey today!

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