Reasons Your Back Might Be In Pain

We experience back pain for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, it is something dramatic as an accident, and other times, it is from the way we live our lives! It doesn’t matter how small a bad habit is; if you repeat it enough, it can cause permanent damage.

In the next few blogs, we are going to share some things you may be doing right now to hurt your back.

Your purse is more of a suitcase

You can give yourself the equivalent of a sports injury by toting a heavy bag! The effects are obvious – one shoulder is weighed down and the other isn’t, which causes imbalanced situation that throws your spine off. The repetition is what will get you in the end. If you have a purse you have to carry every day, don’t let it get too heavy.

You love doing crunches

Crunches are a very popular exercise, but they can cause significant back pain by strengthening ab muscles that don’t support your back. In fact, they can condition you to curl in on yourself, which is bad for your back. We recommend that you add other exercises to your crunches in order to strengthen your entire core. Make sure that you do crunches slowly and with proper form.

You stop going to the gym

When people have back pain, they tend to stop going to the gym. This is not effective. In fact, becoming stagnant like that can slow your recovery or make your pain worse. Keep working out, but be gentle. The key is to keep moving!

You can prevent your back pain! Contact the Spine Institute of North America to learn more about sciatica treatment and more today!

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