Are You Hurting Your Back Without Knowing?

Are you hurting your back and you don’t even know it? At the Spine Institute of North America, we have found that many aches and pains are due to accumulations of bad habits over the years. The good news here is, if you can gradually change your habits to good ones, you will experience the benefits for years to come.

In our last blog, we shared two bad habits that can hurt your back. Today, we have two more!

You love wearing heels

If this is you, you probably already know that heels are hard on your back. They force your back to arch, which puts a lot of strain on your lower back muscles. Interestingly enough, wearing open-heeled shoes like flip flops is also hard on your back – you don’t get any shock absorption, and your body is destabilized. Your muscles have to compensate, which leads to soreness in your back. We recommend you wear comfortable, light, well-supported shoes when you can. Studies have shown that these friendly shoes bring significant relief.

You’re always watching TV

If you spend hours watching TV every day, you are hurting your body in more ways than one. Excessive TV watching reduces workout time, essential activity your body needs to stay healthy. It also encourages bad posture, which leads to back pain.

We recommend that you get up and stretch during commercial breaks – and cut down on TV in general. Your back will thank you!

If either of these described you, we encourage you to gradually make changes so you can leave these bad habits behind. Contact us for all back pain issues – we are experts in epidural steroid injection and more!

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