Change Your Routine And Fix Your Back Pain

We all suffer aches and pains from activities or from getting older – there’s no reason to make it worse with bad habits! It is amazing how many aches and pains are the result of little bad habits and routines. Of course, not all back pain is due to bad habits. However, good habits help any situation. That is why we have been using the last few blogs to share things people do that makes their pain worse.

In our last blog, we shared two indicators of bad habits. Today, we have two more.

You work at a desk

Most everyone works at a desk, so many of us have these issues. Sitting down puts 40% more pressure on your back than standing does, and you will feel the effects if you don’t handle the situation correctly. We know that when deadlines are looming, getting up for a walk is the furthest thing from your mind. However, your body doesn’t care. If it’s struggling, it’s struggling, and you will be happier if you help it out by making sure you’re sitting correctly and moving around every half hour.

You ignore your pain

If you are experiencing back pain, it can be tempting to push it aside and keep going. After all, it should resolve itself soon, right? And you don’t have time for this. Unfortunately, if this is your attitude, you should anticipate your pain getting worse. Ignoring pain rather than experiencing and treating it leads to tense muscles – which leads to more pain. If you have pain, don’t push it away. Observe it and take your experience to an experienced doctor at the Spine Institute of North America.

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