Foods That Relieve Arthritis Pain – Part 2

When you work with the Spine Institute of North America, you’ll have a team of world-class experts as you allies – why not make food your ally, too?

In our last blog, we have discussed foods that help with the painful inflammation of arthritis. Our goal is to set a foundation upon which you can build a diet of helpful foods. Last time, we talked about garlic and vitamin C. Read on in today’s blog for more powerful helpers!


It could be seen as ironic that one of the most powerful enemies of inflammation is a spice. It has been used in India for centuries to fight inflammation. It is effective because it contains curcumin, a compound that has been studied extensively and shown to be beneficial to those fighting inflammation. Because arthritis is an inflammatory disease, tumeric can combat it directly.

Fatty Fish

You’ve probably heard of Omega-3 fatty acids. They have been recognized for their ability to fight inflammation, and they just keep getting more popular as a result. We recommend you eat fish a few times a week, and if you don’t like fish, you can invest in supplements. Once you start making sure your body gets the Omega-3 fatty acids it needs, you will notice a difference.

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