Best Weight Training Exercises for Back Pain – Part 6

In our last blog, we looked at two exercises that you can use to keep your body fit. We have been focusing on weight training exercises, which are easier on your back than cardio. You need to give your back a balance of strengthening and rest. Too much of either, and you will have troubles. Make sure you check with your specialist to get the correct balance – if you already have back pain, the last thing you want is to make it worse!

In our last blog, we explored bench pressing and triceps pulldowns. Keep in mind that all of these exercises are optional. We want to give you a wide range so you can pick the ones that make you feel better.

Lat Pull Down

This is a great exercise for the upper back. You will need a machine that will allow you to pull different amounts of weight down. If your doctor approves this exercise and you can do it without pain, you will definitely enjoy the benefits!

Shoulder Press

The shoulder press strengthens your back and your shoulders. Hold two dumbbells at shoulder level and push them up above your head. Lower them back down, and repeat. Again, make sure you start out conservatively with weight and remember to breathe!

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