Vacationing With Chronic Pain – Part 2

Vacationing is part of a great life. If you feel you can’t take vacations because of your chronic pain, you’re wrong. At the Spine Institute of North America, we help people live their lives to the fullest, and our tips can make a vacation possible for you. Read on!

Take road trips a little at a timedreamstime_17201487

  • Road trips offer incredible opportunity to soak in your journey. When you sit down to plan your route, plan breaks every one to two hours. By breaks, we mean stopping the car, getting out, and stretching. This is especially important if you’re the one driving. Getting stiff might feel like no big deal, but it will ultimately make your pain worse. You can make the stops fun by trying to align them with roadside attractions. We also recommend trying out pillows to keep you comfy between breaks.

Handle air travel right

  • If you’re going to fly, don’t just hope you can make it through the flight. Take steps to make the flight work for you. These are things like getting an aisle seat behind a bulkhead for extra leg room. Do your best to get extra layover time so you can make it to your next flight even if things are running a bit late. You can also request that a wheelchair be waiting for you at the gate, especially if you have a short layover and have to hurry. These little steps will keep your stress level down, which will contribute to your general comfort.

We don’t just offer tips – we offer pain management and much more.

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