Back-to-School Strategies for Coping with Back Pain

dreamstime_xxl_39316670At the Spine Institute of North America, we specialize in relieving chronic pain through cutting-edge procedures, including epidural steroid injection. We have the experience and skills to provide solutions to seemingly impossible situations. Many times, leaving painful back problems behind is a process that takes a while. However, with patience and careful pain management skills, the journey can be much easier.

It’s August, and that means the school year will start soon. In today’s blog, we want to talk about college and how to manage back pain while thriving in your studies.

Pay Attention to Your Schedule

Getting into the classes you want and making sure they don’t clash can seem impossible sometimes! Add in back pain, and any schedule can seem unmanageable. When you make your schedule, remember that pain is usually accompanied by weariness. You’ll do better if you keep some specific things in mind:

  • Textbooks are as heavy as they are expensive; even people without back pain have trouble lugging them around campus. In the first week of class, take a look at your syllabi. If a class requires you to bring your textbook, chances are good that the syllabus has passages to focus on each week. See if you can make photocopies of the essential passages and leave your book in your room. You can also check with your professor and see if he or she has extra copies of the textbook to bring to class for you to use.
  • College campuses are usually big, and having classes at opposite ends of campus is all too common. Trekking across campus every day while in pain will make you very tired and stressed, which lessens your ability to pay attention in class. It can turn into a vicious cycle in which stress and pain prevent you from sleeping, studying, and getting the most out of your classes. Try to get classes that are close together, and if you can’t, see if your campus has a bus schedule. Most campuses have buses that can take you from one end of campus to the other.

The team at the Spine Institute of North America is ready to be your ally when it comes to back pain.

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