How to Wear a Backpack Right – Part 2

dreamstime_xxl_34104656Keeping your back healthy is easier when you have the help of the experts at the Spine Institute of North America. However, if you need to wear a backpack often, you are facing a unique challenge. Backpacks have come a long way, and they are created to be as kind to your back as possible. However, you have to wear them right! If you don’t wear your backpack correctly, you will make your current back issues worse or create new ones for yourself. That’s the last thing any of us want, and that is why we are taking a few blogs to share what we know about wearing a backpack right. In our last blog, we talked about distributing the load in your backpack across your back rather than letting it stay on one side. Today, we want to talk about your backpack’s straps!

Use Both Straps!

  • Carrying your backpack on one shoulder puts immense strain on your neck and trapezium muscles. Unfortunately, the neck is one of the weakest points in your spine, and putting extra pressure on it is a bad idea.
  • No matter how much you’re carrying, put a strap on each shoulder to allow them to share the load. Your muscles are stronger together, and your back will thank you for letting it work correctly.
  • Additionally, if you use a tote bag or purse, make sure you switch sides periodically, and don’t let the load get too heavy.

When your back hurts, every part of life hurts. It can be difficult just to sleep, and nothing is more discouraging than having to stay back while others go on adventures. At the Spine Institute of North America, we understand that thousands of people live with this reality every day. That is why we have worked so hard to provide effective back pain treatment, from epidural steroid injections to other cutting-edge forms of pain treatment, like spinal stenosis. We want to provide people the means to re-engage in normal life and enjoy being on this planet. Let us help you in New Jersey!

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