Tips for Expressing Pain to Your Doctor – Part 1

dreamstime_xxl_21014113Being in serious pain is a difficult place to be. Often, you depend on a doctor to bring you relief. However, just driving responsibly to the office can be difficult in the heat of the moment, and reasonably expressing how you feel can be even harder. You can get so desperate that you come across to the doctor wrong, which just makes a bad situation worse. The team at the Spine Institute of North America fully understands this, and we want to take a few blogs to give you some tips on how to effectively tell your doctor how you feel (and therefore get the help you need).

Don’t Mention Your Internet Research

  • Generally, if you come into an appointment and tell a doctor that you’ve done your own research and you know what is going on, you’re slowing down the whole conversation. Even if you’re right, the doctor needs to hear what is going on in order to come to a conclusion. It’s a good idea to respect your doctor’s knowledge, too. It will help keep the relationship stronger.
  • Keep in mind that respect goes both ways: if your doctor doesn’t return the favor by listening carefully and taking the time to understand, feel free to find a new one!

At the Spine Institute of North America, we have dealt with all kinds of different cases. No matter how big or small, we give each one our full attention. Doing so has allowed us to provide revolutionary relief to people who thought it was impossible. The spine is a complex puzzle, but the good news is, new ways to work with it are being created every year. If you live with back pain, it’s time to consider putting it behind you. We are located in New Jersey, and we would love to sit down with you to understand just what is going on!

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