Tips for Expressing Pain to Your Doctor – Part 3

dreamstime_xl_8019664If you suffer from chronic pain, chances are good that you’ve had bad experiences with a doctor or two. Expressing exactly what is going on can be difficult, especially when you’re anxious to be understood and given relief. At the Spine Institute of North America, we work hard to understand exactly what is going on and find effective solutions. Solutions begin with communication, though, and the best thing you can do is make sure you express yourself accurately and in a way the doctor can understand. Medical professionals are trained to listen for certain things, and we can give you some valuable insights into what they need to hear – and what they don’t.

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of expressing precise locations when showing your doctor where it hurts. Today, we want to talk about labs, test, and MRIs.

Give the Doctor a Chance to Decide

  • If you come in demanding an MRI, lab, or test, you run the risk of making your doctor defensive. That’s helpful for no one! Instead, do your best to provide all the information you can, and if the doctor hasn’t suggested further work by the end of your appointment, it may be time to respectfully bring it up.

At the Spine Institute of North America, we fully understand how difficult it is to communicate while you’re hurting. We would love to be the team you talk to. As we said, there is nothing we like more than sitting down with clients and listening to understand just where the pain is, how long it’s been around, and what it feels like. We haven’t dedicated ourselves to sciatica treatment and beyond just to not listen to our clients! There is nothing we want more than to offer what we know to bring you relief. If you suffer from back pain, we are ready to give you our 100 percent.

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