Tips for Expressing Pain to Your Doctor – Part 5

dreamstime_xxl_51623858Chronic pain can make life very lonely. When nobody understands what you’re going through, it’s easy to feel like you’re all on your own. It becomes even more difficult when doctors don’t fully understand what is going on. Unfortunately, the only way to get effective treatment is to communicate what is going on. People have been communicating with doctors for decades, and there are some things we’ve learned to do. At the Spine Institute of North America, we understand the challenges of communicating with medical professionals, and we want to share what we have learned!

In our last blog, we talked about helpful vocabulary for describing your pain. Today, we want to discuss the importance of providing a record of what you have tried.

Don’t Say “I’ve Tried Everything”

  • You probably feel lie you’ve tried everything, but the fact is, you’re visiting a doctor who can offer new options. You can give the doctor a huge advantage by recording what you have tried and providing it. That way, he or she will be able to assess the list, and you won’t have to dread him or her suggesting things you’ve already done. It makes for a much less stressful appointment in general!

If you suffer chronic pain, we would love to hear what you’re going through. We are a team of professionals dedicated to deciphering the human spine and what makes it feel better when it is hurting. Our world-class facility offers everything from epidural steroid injection to minimally invasive spine surgery. We understand what a profound effect pain can have on your life. If you are ready to take your life back, we would be honored to be on your team. Everybody deserves to live full lives, and we can help make that happen for you. Get in touch with our skilled staff today!

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