Busting Sciatica Myths! Part 4

Do you have sciatica?

In our last blog, we mentioned how many people with sciatica tend to struggle in silence, thinking there is no solution to their pain. If you have done everything you can to find relief and you’re ready to give up, you need to make an appointment with the Spine Institute of North America. Chances are good that you’ve got a combination of discouragement and myths keeping you down, and we can help you get free. Sciatica is tricky, which makes it an easy victim of myths, especially the myth that it is impossible to cure. We addressed that myth a few blogs back, and we want to finish up our series on sciatica myths with three last ideas you can discard.

MYTH: If you only have leg pain, you can’t be experiencing sciatica

Yes, it is rare to experience sciatica as simple leg pain, However, some patients do experience sciatica that way. If you have persistent pain in your leg, stay open to the idea that it may be sciatica. Because the nerve travels from your lower back all the way to your foot, it can have trouble anywhere along the way, including your thigh, calf, and foot. A professional examination should be able to determine if you’re dealing with a leg problem or if the issue is rooted in your spine.

MYTH: The only way to treat sciatica is surgery

As with most any condition, it is a good idea to try non-surgical solutions first. At the Spine Institute of North America, we offer a full menu of back pain solutions. Even if surgery becomes necessary, we offer minimally invasive techniques that will have you up and moving much faster than any other back surgery. Our focus on non-invasive procedures sets us apart from other spine treatment teams, and we are well-known for our excellence and success. We believe that if things come to surgery, minimally-invasive should be the go-to option. However, it requires extensive expertise. We can provide that expertise!

MYTH: Self-treatment should always be the first step in sciatica treatment

Though it can be tempting to dive into self-treatment and avoid making appointments and paying copays, self-treatment can cost you more in the long run. Sciatica is complex enough that it’s important to get a professional assessment to help you fully understand what is going on. You may not have sciatica at all. If you embark on self-treatment for a condition you don’t actually have, you can make whatever is going on worse. Additionally, putting off professional treatment is a bad idea, especially when you’re dealing with lower back issues.

The expert team at the Spine Institute of North America is here to provide you relief you didn’t think was possible. Sciatica doesn’t have to limit you anymore. Sit down for performances or meetings without bracing yourself for pain. Book flights without dreading hours of misery. Life is too short to live around sciatica. Learn more about our minimally invasive spine surgery techniques and beyond today!

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