What are Large Point and Trigger Point Injections?

As a common treatment option for individuals who suffer from joint pain and trigger-point pain, large point and trigger point injections often go misunderstood by those who are new to the procedure. Understanding the what these injections are, the benefits, and who they can help is exceptionally important in order to help provide patients with optimal care. Here at the Spine Institute of North America, we strive to help patients live with reduced pain through minimally invasive procedures. These type of injections allow us to help a variety of pain and joint disorders without disrupting your life more than necessary. Keep reading to learn more about these procedures and who they can benefit.

What is a large point injection?

Large point injection describes a variety of procedures that involve injecting a numbing agent and steroid into joints in the body. The most common procedures that are performed at SINA involve cervical spine and lumbar spine epidural steroid injections. These x-ray guided injections are done between two vertebrae at the point of most discomfort. Other common, large point injections include injections into the sacroiliac joints, hips, knees, and shoulders. The most common medications used in these injections are lidocaine and cortisone, however, other medications are available if necessary based on a patient’s needs.

Who can benefit?

Large point injections are a conservative treatment option that is ideal for individuals just starting on their treatment journey. Because large joint injections are quick and minimally invasive, they’re a great first step. Many individuals with back and joint pain can experience extended periods of relief from these injections that allow them to improve habits and strengthen muscles through physical therapy for long-term relief. These are also great options for individuals who may not be good candidates for surgical procedures.

What is a trigger point injection?

Trigger point injections are similar to large point injections, except they are injected into soft tissue anywhere in the body. They are used to relieve intense points of muscle and myofascial tissue pain through the injection of a steroid and numbing agent directly into the spot of most intense pain. The goal is to relieve the pain and cause the trigger point, or muscle, to “release.” Common areas for trigger point injections include the upper and lower back and the shoulders.

Who can benefit?

Individuals who can identify points of intense pain, typically in conjunction with a knot or nodule in the muscle, are often good candidates for trigger point injections. Because trigger point injections are typically used to treat conditions like fibromyalgia, tension headaches, TMJ, and lower back pain, they can be used as a more generalized treatment to improve overall quality of life for pain sufferers.

Why turn to SINA?

Because the Spine Institute of North America works hard to provide top-tier procedures that are minimally invasive, you will find relief and return to your life much quicker than with other options. With SINA, patient satisfaction and care is our continual goal. Schedule your appointment for large point or trigger point injections in East Windsor today.

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