Why Choose a Minimally Invasive Surgeon

When you need a doctor, you have a wide variety of practitioners to choose from for your care. Knowing who to pick and why they are the best choice for you can often be difficult. But when you’re suffering from back pain, it’s obvious that you would want to see a specialist who has a vast experience working on backs. What may not be so obvious is how you might pick a doctor based on the types of surgical techniques they opt for. Knowing the general treatment options and surgical techniques that a specialist favors may help you to make a decision for your personal treatment plan. Here at the Spine Institue of North America in New Jersey, we specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery for our patients. You may wonder why we do so, when for so long open surgery was the standard. Minimally invasive spine surgery provides a wide array of benefits that you simply don’t get from open surgery. Here’s why we specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery and why you should choose a surgeon who takes this treatment approach.

Improved Surgeon Accuracy

Whenever a surgeon is able to do minimally invasive surgery, odds are the surgery is going to be much more accurate. According to University of Chicago Medicine, minimally invasive surgeries are more accurate because they are assisted by video equipment that provides the surgeon with better visualization of the surgical field and improved magnification of all the internal organs and structures. This makes it easier for surgeons to do their jobs right and quickly.

Reduce the Risk of Infection

By opting for minimally invasive surgical procedures, you’re greatly reducing the risk of infection. Open surgeries have large surgical fields so that surgeons can see and maneuver in the space they’re working on. This makes you much more susceptible to infection during the surgery. Minimally invasive surgeries utilize tiny incisions in order to do all the work. While there is still a risk of infection, the risk is greatly reduced by reducing the incision site.i For the endoscopic discectomy procedure we do here at the Spine Institute of North America, we only make a single, quarter inch incision for the equipment to be inserted. In the end, you don’t even need stitches to recover from this minimally invasive procedure.

Less Cutting, Less Bleeding

Because minimally invasive procedures are done with as few and as small of incisions as possible, there is a lower risk of bleeding from this type of procedure. Any surgery you have during your lifetime has the risk of bleeding, no matter how small or large the procedure. However, if you are able to opt for a minimally invasive surgery, you’re decreasing your risk of bleeding greatly. In fact, for individuals on certain medications or with certain conditions, open surgery may not even be an option.

Shorter Surgeries

Surgery is no easy task to do or for the body to recover from. Shorter surgeries are always best for a body because they don’t cause nearly as much trauma as a longer, comparable surgery. Minimally invasive surgery techniques have helped to cut back on surgical time, making procedures less traumatic and putting less of a strain on your body. In fact, shorter surgeries allow anesthesiologists to use less stressful sedation techniques than general anesthesia.

Less Cutting, Less Scarring

Just like we mentioned above about how minimally invasive surgeries reduce the risk of bleeding during the procedure, the same can be said about scarring. Scars can be difficult, especially if they’re in areas that aren’t easily covered by clothing. Open surgeries require large incisions that will eventually turn into large scars no matter what over-the-counter methods you use. By using minimally invasive procedures, surgeons can reduce the amount of tissue that is disturbed and also reduce the amount of scar tissue that develops after the fact. Don’t worry about scars when you have minimally invasive spine surgery.

Improved Recovery Times

Along with all the benefits of minimally invasive surgery techniques we’ve already mentioned, the last is improved recovery time. When you have a minimally invasive surgery, you’re going to be up and moving much sooner than if you opt for traditional surgery techniques. Because there are smaller incisions and shorter surgeries, you’re able to recover faster, often in the comfort of your own home once you leave the surgical center. Your body has less trauma to deal with and can do so much more effectively from minimally invasive surgical procedures. Don’t rack up overnight hospital bills, when you don’t have to. Simply find out if the procedure you need is one that there is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for so you can rest and recover at home.

For the most experienced, compassionate, minimally invasive spinal surgeons, turn to the Spine Institute of North America for your needs. Call today for more information about our doctors and procedures.

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