Stem Cell Therapy 101

There are many different spinal conditions that are often either difficult to treat or simply untreatable at this time due to current technology. This leaves many with few options outside of pain management strategies, and while pain management can have its own benefits, it’s not a solution. But there are new therapies and treatment options coming to the market all the time. The spine doctors at the Spine Institute of North America (SINA), including Dr. Yanni and Dr. Sakr, are always working hard to stay at the top of their field and constantly learning new and innovative treatment options in order to best help our patients.

SINA now offers stem cell therapy treatments, for a variety of disc problems, in order to better serve our patients in need of pain relief.

What are stem cells?

For the procedures that we do here at SINA, we harvest stem cells from the patient’s own body. These undifferentiated cells can be found in every person’s own bone marrow. Stem cells are cells that have not taken on a specific cell type or role within the body. They are able to become any cell in the body.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Stem cells are collected from the bone marrow in a patient’s hip. These cells are then concentrated in a lab setting. Then, under light sedation, a doctor is able to inject these cells into a damaged disc where the cells will help to slow or stop degeneration and rebuild tissue as they become matching cell types.

Who can stem cell therapy benefit?

Stem cell therapy is ideal for treating a variety of soft tissue problems. Everything from muscle tears to disc degeneration can be treated with stem cell therapy. However, there is a caveat. Stem cell injections may benefit individuals who have only mild to moderate conditions or concerns, whereas severe problems would be better off being treated with other therapy options. Stem cell therapies are also only for soft tissue treatment and does not necessarily help with any structural problems, such as facet joints impinging on nerves.

Stem cell therapies are at the cutting edge of medicine and have a lot of potential to help many individuals in pain. Here at SINA, we specifically use concentrated injections in order to help specific sites heal and repair themselves. In a lot of ways, we are providing your body with the tools in needs to help fix itself, and many individuals have found beneficial results from these treatments.

You don’t have to settle for invasive, open spine surgery or other ineffective treatments. You can take your health into your own hands, because you are always going to be your best advocate. We always want to provide you with the best possible treatment options at SINA and help you feel your best. Your back is important and shouldn’t stop you from living a great life.

If you’re interested in the stem cell therapy options available to treat back pain at the Spine Institute of North America, then schedule an appointment to discuss your various options to help you reclaim your life starting today!


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