Why Opt for a Spinal Specialist

Your first thought if you have any back pain is probably, “Why don’t I go see my family doctor?” And often, general practitioners can help with a variety of ailments, including some types of back pain. However, most doctors are taught to look for specific problems and only treat them in one way before they run out of options for your health. This isn’t helpful for individuals who have tried what their general practitioners have recommended, or individuals who cope with chronic pain on a daily basis.

With so many different causes of back pain, and many nuanced ways to treat these different problems, it isn’t always the best approach to got to a general doctor.

Wider Variety of Treatment Options

When you opt for a spinal specialist who can help you with anything from a fractured vertebrae to finding sciatica pain relief, you’re choosing a doctor who can provide a wider variety of treatments. A general practitioner is typically limited to oral steroids, pain medications, and a referral to physical therapy when it comes to treating back pain. While this may be okay for the occasional flare up or random pulled muscle, it’s not acceptable for chronic back pain and more advanced conditions. A spinal specialist has many more tools to work with, including various injections and minimally invasive spinal surgery to help relieve back pain.

Specialized Knowledge

In addition to having a wide variety of tools and treatment options available for patients, a patient with chronic back pain can rest assured that a spinal specialist has the specialized knowledge in order to competently help relieve their pain. In addition to having a specialized knowledge of the spine, they also have continued education in the area and possess insight into many conditions due to years of clinical experience in the field. This specialized knowledge and experience comes in handy when you case is more than just a strain or sprain.

Continuity of Care

Lastly, working with a spinal specialist can help to provide you with continuity of care for your chronic pain concern. While you general practitioner is a good choice to turn to when you hurt or are sick to make sure that your medical file is well known, since they can’t help with everything, you’ll want to find a single specialist for your specific concern. This way, your medical record is well known by just one doctor instead of having to bounce around to many doctors. This makes sure that nothing is missed during your treatment.

Here at the Spine Institute of North America, we specialize in the spine. Our doctors only work on cases directly related to spinal concerns and work hard to help you find relief from chronic back pain. With several New Jersey locations to choose from, it’s easy to get the care that you deserve from professionals that have years of experience treating patients with a wide variety of back pain problems. From sciatica to other lower back pain problems, and much more, choose the Spine Institute of North America for help.

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