Common Back Pain and Why It is Serious – Part 1

Back pain is troublesome in many ways, but one of the ways it troubles the team at the Spine Institute of North America is this: it is so commonplace that people assume they just have to live with it. Everyone experiences some level of back pain at one point or another, and while some people are lucky and can wait it out, many people have serious issues that go untreated because they think/hope the issues will go away and don’t turn to help until they get expensive to fix.

We work hard every day to provide minimally-invasive solutions to back pain so that people can move on with their lives without having to tangle with high risk levels and drawn-out recovery times. In today’s blog, we’re going to share some common types of back pain and what they mean. If any of them sound like what you’re experiencing, we strongly encourage you to take the first step to relief by getting in touch with our back pain treatment team in New Jersey.

Common Types of Back Pain That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Intense pain in your lower back.

This type of pain will get worse and worse as time goes by. When you have to stand for long periods of time, it will get especially intense. Even though you can get some relief by bending forward, you’ll never quite be free of it. You may also experience uncomfortable tightness in your upper legs and buttocks that just won’t go away.

Why it is serious: you may be experiencing symptoms of spinal stenosis, the narrowing of the spinal canal. It generally starts as a result of aging, but bad posture and genetics can also make it happen. It usually shows up in the lower back, but if it happens higher up, it can cause paralysis. We can easily treat it with a procedure that requires mere days for recovery.

Stiffness and neck pain that doesn’t go away.

If your daily life is hampered by stubborn neck pain that prevents you from fully turning your head from side to side, you aren’t dealing with a ‘take-an-aspirin-and-soldier-on’ situation. This is especially true if you also experience tingling and pain in your lower back and upper legs.

Why it is serious: these symptoms are all symptoms of degenerative disc disease. It is a disease that is commonly brought on by age, though you don’t have to be elderly to have it. The spine changes and wears down as we age, creating back pain. If the pain won’t go away, we can relieve it by clearing out damage via a tiny incision. You’ll be able to go as soon as an hour after surgery and you’ll enjoy a much faster recovery time than other types of procedures.

Turn to the Spine Institute of North America

At SINA, we have dedicated ourselves to providing relief to people with treatments that don’t subject them to danger and inconvenient recoveries. The spine is one of the most elaborate systems of the body, and we are proud to heal it and allow people to get back to living life to the fullest. Contact us today!

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