What to Do Post-Surgery to Ensure the Best Recovery

After you undergo surgery, you want to recover in the shortest time possible without complications. Everyone has a different experience with their post-surgery recovery. You may take shorter or longer than usual to get back to everyday life. However, you can raise your chances of a successful recuperation by following the recommendations in this guide.

Follow Your Doctor’s Directions

Each type of procedure has unique requirements for the post-surgery period. Your doctor will go over them after your operation and may send you home with written directions.

Doctors give those guidelines to help you get better without harming yourself. Remember to follow each part of the instructions as directed. You can ask your doctor for a paper copy if you don’t receive one.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Getting the right nutrition becomes crucial when you recover from surgical wounds. Your doctor may prescribe a special diet to help you get better without complications. If you don’t have a prescribed diet, you can follow official nutrition guidelines. Foods that contain protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and zinc improve wound healing for faster recovery.

Prepare Your Home for the Recovery Period

Your future self will thank you for getting your home ready for your recovery in advance. Stocking up on food and getting your required medical equipment will put you one step ahead. Ask your doctor about any dietary recommendations before you buy food, and try preparing meals in advance. Also, eliminate any fall risks in your home such as clutter.

Know What You Can and Can’t Do

During your recovery time, you will have different capabilities than usual. Your doctor may tell you to wait to drive until the internal stitches in your abdomen heal. In addition to learning what you can’t do, ask your doctor what you can do post-surgery. Light physical activity in certain phases of recovery can increase healing when you take the right precautions.

Get Help From Friends, Loved Ones or a Hired Service

After some surgeries, you might need extra help with everyday activities. Patients who have the means can ask for help from a loved one or hire a professional caretaker. You might also consider paying a cleaning service to take care of your home during a long recovery. Periodic visits or help with small tasks like cooking can make a world of difference.

Choose a Surgery With a Short Recovery Time

Thanks to advances in medical technology, we have procedures that allow faster recovery than traditional surgeries. Minimally invasive procedures like least-invasive spine operations boost healing times and safety. Least-invasive methods use small incisions and tools to keep bone and tissue intact. As a result, your body has less tissue to repair before you get back on your feet.

At the Spine Institute of North America, we specialize in least-invasive spine procedures and pain management strategies. New Jersey patients looking for back and joint pain treatment may visit one of our three locations across the state. Schedule an appointment today using our online contact form.

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