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The Connection Between Weight and Back Pain

Back pain and weight problems are both ongoing issues for Americans, but these conditions have a surprising connection. Obesity has several associated health complications, including diabetes, strokes, heart disease and high blood pressure, but back pain also relates to the presence of extra body fat. Excess body weight can add to stress on the spine,… read more

Wearing and Caring for Your Back Brace

An orthopedic doctor may prescribe a back brace for a range of conditions. For example, a doctor might recommend a back brace to treat scoliosis which is a lateral curvature of the spine. They might also prescribe a back brace to help a patient heal after surgery. Or, perhaps you chose to purchase a lower… read more

Alternatives to Traditional Back Surgery

When you need something more than conservative treatment for your low back pain, your doctor may recommend surgery. Traditional back surgery methods involve large cuts into the bone and tissue. As a result, recovery can take a long time. Fortunately, patients with certain back conditions have another option. Minimally invasive spine procedures accomplish many of… read more

The History of Spine Surgery

If you’ve experienced back pain in your life, you may know what it feels like to need surgery. The majority of Americans have had back pain at some point in their lives, and about 30 million individuals seek professional help for a spine issue each year. Human beings have suffered back pain since the beginning of time,… read more

What to Do Post-Surgery to Ensure the Best Recovery

After you undergo surgery, you want to recover in the shortest time possible without complications. Everyone has a different experience with their post-surgery recovery. You may take shorter or longer than usual to get back to everyday life. However, you can raise your chances of a successful recuperation by following the recommendations in this guide.… read more

Helpful Exercises to Help Reduce Hip Pain

Living with hip pain can be frustrating and excruciating, depending on your level of pain. From arthritis to bursitis, a variety of medical conditions cause painful symptoms in this ball and socket joint. If you experience hip pain when you’re walking, resting or being active, then it’s time to visit an orthopedic specialist like those… read more

How to Combat Chronic Back Pain From Insomnia

Sufficient, uninterrupted rest is vital to many aspects of life, from mood to general health. But, you can also be kept awake at night due to consistent pain. If pain persists in a region of your body for more than three months, it is considered chronic. Chronic back pain disrupts many individuals’ sleep and often leads… read more

Causes for Leg Numbness

What causes numbness in the legs and feet? We have many potential answers for you. In many cases, these issues have a spine-related cause that we can address. Discover how the spine can cause leg numbness and where to get help. Pinched Nerve Your spinal cord consists of delicate nerves that allow the brain and… read more

How Dehydration Affects Your Spine and Back

When someone mentions dehydration, thirst, dryness and fatigue come to mind. But back pain and spine problems are unexpected results of dehydration. Water is a significant component of bodily functions, altering the metabolism, skin and energy levels, but it also changes the inner workings of your physiological system, like organs and tissues. The spine and… read more

Alternative Pain Treatments

Today’s exciting technological age allows medical professionals to share information faster than ever. Patients also have extensive health knowledge at their fingertips thanks to the internet. This technology gives doctors and patients a wide range of pain management strategies to choose from, including alternative medicine that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery. Research suggests that the… read more