Endoscopic Annuloplasty

What Is Endoscopic Annuloplasty?

This is a type of endoscopic spine surgery that’s minimally invasive and requires less recovery time than many other back pain treatment options. In an endoscopic annuloplasty, a spinal surgeon will use a laser to ablate the nerve endings that are exposed in an annular tear. These tears occur in the outer part of the vertebral disc and is commonly a symptom of degenerative disc disease. When these nerve endings are exposed, they can become irritated by pressure or friction and cause severe pain to the patient. Through this method of interventional pain management, we can eliminate the tear in the annular wall, ablate the nerve endings to cease their pain-inducing irritation and help the patient overcome their painful symptoms of degenerative disc disease.

What Are the Benefits of Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

There are risks with any surgery. However, when it comes to an endoscopic spine surgery, many of those risks are minimized. That’s because it is minimally invasive, meaning only a small incision is required to do the surgery. That means less risk of infection and less recovery time for the patient. It also decreases the dependence on pain medication. Plus, endoscopic annuloplasty is very effective when it comes to treating back pain caused by degenerative disc disease. Many of our patients are able to start enjoying normal activities again, many of which they thought they’d never be able to do again because of back pain.

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