Endoscopic Thermal Annuloplasty – Spinal Surgery

This endoscopic spine surgery can help patients suffering from back pain caused by tears in the outer annular wall of the discs of their spine. These tears can allow nerves to start to grow within the annular wall, which can be irritated and create pain in both the back and the buttock. The surgical procedure involves a spine specialist looking for tears with a high-definition camera, then ablating the offending nerves and sealing the tears.

Advantages of Endoscopic Thermal Annuloplasty

  • Uses the smallest incision in spinal surgery, just 1/4 inch
  • There is less scar tissue formed
  • Small incision reduces risk of major blood loss
  • A high-definition camera gives the surgeon a clear, up close view of the damage in the spine
  • Uses local anesthesia, eliminating the risks of general anesthesia
  • Less reliance on narcotic pain medication thanks to less post-surgical pain
  • Patients can resume their normal activities faster and return to work faster

What Painful Conditions Does Endoscopic Thermal Annuloplasty Treat?

How is the procedure performed?

During the endoscopic spine surgery, you’ll be given local anesthesia as a 1/4 inch incision is made in your back. The spine specialist will make the incision near the herniated disc so they can then use a metal tube and a dilator to get access to the disc. Next, they will insert a high-definition camera so they can get a clear picture of the disc. Then they will use microscopic tools to remove part of the damaged disc that is causing your pain. Next, any tears in the annular wall of the disc are treated by ablating the nerves and closing the tears. Then all of the instruments and metal tube are removed and the surgeon will place a band-aid over your incision.

How long is the recovery and how soon can you return to work?

It will take your spine specialist about an hour to complete the surgery. Afterward, you shouldn’t experience much (if any) pain or discomfort. You won’t even have any stitches due to the small size of your incision. You’ll just need about an hour in our recovery room before you can go home.

Recovery will depend on how well your body responds to the endoscopic spine surgery. Many of our patients report feeling better immediately. You’ll likely be able to return to work within a couple days, but be sure to clear your return to work and lifting of heavy objects with your spine specialist first.


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