Lumbar Facet Joint Injection (Medial Branch Block)

Lumbar Facet Joint Injection

Your facet joints help you move and give stability to your back. They are small bones at the segments of your spine. As a person ages or induces trauma or mechanical stress on the spine, these joints can become inflamed and cause pain. Facet joint injections or medial branch injections deliver a steroid and anesthetic lidocaine to the joint to block and medicate the area. The lumbar facet joint or medial branch injection can pinpoint the root cause diagnosis of back pain and provide significant pain relief and inflammation.

Medial Branch Block

If you have chronic back pain that lasts for 12 weeks or more, it could be caused by your facet joints. A common symptom of this condition is being abel to lean forward but experiencing sharp pain or spasms when you try to lean back. The medical branch nerve supports the main muscles in your back, and it runs through your facet joints. These nerves send the pain signal from your back to your brain. If your doctor blocks the signal from the medial branch nerve, it will stop you from experiencing the pain. It will also help your doctor diagnose the exact location in your back that is causing the pain. If your pain level decreased by at least half during the medial branch block, then you might benefit from a rhizotomy.

What are the most common conditions treated by lumbar facet joint injections?


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