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Spine INA at Marlton

At Spine INA, we offer minimally invasive treatments for pain. Our specialized, board-certified surgeons and providers work with you to determine how best to alleviate your pain. With our services, you can get back to your regular routine as soon as possible.

Visit one of our central New Jersey locations for a consultation and treatment. Our Marlton facility is conveniently located on Route 70, just minutes from the center of Marlton.

Who We Serve

At Spine INA, we treat patients with varying degrees of spine, nerve and joint pain. Our demographic includes:

  • Patients dealing with trauma from injuries sustained in a fall, motor vehicle collision or other accident.
  • Patients experiencing immobility after a heart attack or stroke.
  • Patients who injured their spine during an athletic competition or training session.
  • Senior patients with age-related conditions.
  • Adolescent patients with spinal deformities.

Pain Management in Marlton, New Jersey

We understand the toll that chronic pain can take on your quality of life. People try various treatments to cope with pain, from home remedies to physical therapy to surgery. Wherever you may be in your pain management journey, the Spine INA team is here to support you.

Our specialists perform thorough diagnostics to understand your pain and how to treat it. We tailor our pain management strategies to your unique needs. Our goal is to relieve your pain quickly using the least invasive treatments possible.

Minimally Invasive Treatment Options

Spine INA is a leader in minimally invasive spine procedures. We design treatment plans that ensure our patients recover quickly and enjoy long-lasting pain relief.

Our options include:

  • Endoscopic spine procedure: An endoscopic procedure is a less invasive solution for alleviating pain in the back, neck and legs than traditional surgery.
  • Neuromodulation: Our professionals deliver electrical or pharmaceutical agents to a certain part of the body to stimulate nerves and alter their activity.
  • Regenerative medicine: We can use specialized injections to encourage cellular growth.
  • Therapies: Physical and mental therapies can help reduce pain and stress.
  • Medication: Pharmaceutical intervention can help manage pain.

Now Accepting New Patients

Whether you’re dealing with back problems, sciatica pain or other spinal issues, you can trust our board-certified specialists to find the best treatments to eliminate or reduce your pain. Schedule a consultation at our Marlton facility today.

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