Interventional Pain Management

Is Your Neck Pain Serious?


We’ve all woken up and realized we’re going to have to get through the day without turning our heads because of neck pain. Neck pain can be startling and have a debilitating effect on your daily life. You’re ready for it to leave the instant it shows up, and much like any kind of spinal… read more

What Happens When You Don’t Do PT


People often see physical therapy as a form of detention. They get through their operations, and they just want to be done; they don’t want to go back for additional appointments. We understand. Nobody wants to have back troubles in the first place, and all too often, the journey to a solution is exhausting and… read more

Insights into Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease


The medical world is full of long terms and acronyms that can be daunting and frustrating for anyone just trying to find relief. A big part of the whole battle is just understanding what the experts are talking about! At the Spine Institute of North America, we always do everything we can to support our… read more

How to Prepare for a Spine Consultation


Back pain can make even the most simple activities difficult. Sleeping, cooking, sitting, driving…activities you took for granted become almost too painful to complete. Making an appointment with a specialist, waiting for that appointment, and getting through that appointment can all be part of the activities that you just don’t want to face. However, if… read more

How to Tackle Treatment Anxiety – Part 2


There aren’t many people who look forward to receiving medical treatment of any kind, but we all need it sometimes. Avoiding getting treatment can lead to higher medical expenses and more complex treatment. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and get things taken care of. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be… read more

Acute vs. Chronic Pain


Our bodies communicate with us in a lot of ways. Hunger, itching, tastes, sounds … the list goes on. However, the way our bodies shout at us is usually pain. Even if you have a high pain tolerance, pain is difficult to ignore. It’s supposed to be that way. Pain is the main method our… read more

Is it Whiplash or a Cervical Spine Injury?

Many people take back health for granted. Like anything, it’s only when we lose it that we realize how great it is. We sometimes don’t even pay attention to body parts until they hurt, which is a how the system is designed anyway. Pain is the body’s way of speaking to us, sometimes in a… read more

Steroid Injection Risks and Success Rates


Steroid injections are a great tool for helping with pain relief and pain management for a variety of conditions. They’re ideal for hard to reach areas of inflammation or degeneration, and they’re a relatively mild treatment option with few side effects. If you have to choose between surgery or a steroid injection, it’s a pretty… read more

Diagnosing Back Pain with Steroid Injections


When it comes to your spine, there are many different joints and areas that can cause you pain. Because of the complexity of this structure, it can be exceptionally difficult to figure out exactly what is causing you pain. There are some times where a back pain specialist can simply do an exam and know… read more

Stress or More? When to See the Doctor for Lower Back Pain


Look, we all know how much of a toll stress can take on our body, and we’re sure that you’ve experienced pain and other physical symptoms associated with stress. You may not even know what you’re stressing out about, but your body decides to fight back and hurt. Back pain is a common symptom of… read more