Radiofrequency Ablation

Preparing for a Discectomy


If you suffer from chronic back pain and feel like you’ve tried everything you could possibly think of, then it may be time to look into alternative treatment options such as minimally invasive spine surgery. Suffering from a herniated or bulging disc can chronically cause a severe amount of pain. Not only does this problem… read more

Why Choose a Minimally Invasive Surgeon


When you need a doctor, you have a wide variety of practitioners to choose from for your care. Knowing who to pick and why they are the best choice for you can often be difficult. But when you’re suffering from back pain, it’s obvious that you would want to see a specialist who has a… read more

Your Options for Degenerative Discs


Perhaps you’ve gone to pick up your grandchild when they’re begging for you to carry them in your arms.  Or perhaps, it was something as small as a pencil that you bent down to pick up and you quite quickly found yourself on the floor in pain.  The simple things that you used to do… read more