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Common Back Injuries: Lower Back Sprain


At the Spine Institute of North America, we know all about back injuries. Unfortunately, injuries happen all too often. The spine is an incredibly tough structure, but in order for it to function correctly, all the pieces need to be in the correct place. The instant even one gets out of alignment, you can end… read more

Good Habits for Decreasing Pain


In our last blog, we talked about some good habits for getting through days when you are in pain. We discussed eating right, using good posture, and advocating for yourself. Today, we have a few more things for you to integrate into your day. Listen to music Did you know that music has a direct… read more

Spinal Stenosis FAQ Part 2


In our last blog, we defined spinal stenosis as a narrowing of the spinal canal. When the spinal canal shrinks, it puts pressure on the nerves, ligaments, and bones of the spine. You end up experiencing pain in your back as well as your limbs, because the nerves get pinched. Not many people know this,… read more

Busting Sciatica Myths! Part 4


Do you have sciatica? In our last blog, we mentioned how many people with sciatica tend to struggle in silence, thinking there is no solution to their pain. If you have done everything you can to find relief and you’re ready to give up, you need to make an appointment with the Spine Institute of… read more

Busting Sciatica Myths! Part 2


Sciatica is a common condition, and it can have a deep effect on your life. Where you once had no problem sitting for car rides, airplane flights, or important presentations, your body won’t let you relax. You may experience tingling, pins and needles, or shooting pain in your lower back, buttocks, and leg. If you suffer… read more

How to Avoid Back Pain from Raking – Part 3


As the air turns cooler, we get to enjoy turning leaves and crisp blue skies. Fall is a fantastic time of year for adults and kids alike. However, when it comes to leaves, depending on what help you have, you may end up doing most of the raking and bagging. If this is the case,… read more

Signs Your Neck Pain is Serious

We all experience sore necks from time to time – whether we’re just tense or we slept in funny position one night. However, if you find your neck is persistently and intensely painful, something serious may be going on. Even if something serious isn’t going on, intense neck pain can make day-to-day activities difficult and… read more

Tips for Expressing Pain to Your Doctor – Part 5

Chronic pain can make life very lonely. When nobody understands what you’re going through, it’s easy to feel like you’re all on your own. It becomes even more difficult when doctors don’t fully understand what is going on. Unfortunately, the only way to get effective treatment is to communicate what is going on. People have… read more

Tips for Expressing Pain to Your Doctor – Part 1

Being in serious pain is a difficult place to be. Often, you depend on a doctor to bring you relief. However, just driving responsibly to the office can be difficult in the heat of the moment, and reasonably expressing how you feel can be even harder. You can get so desperate that you come across to the doctor… read more

Coping with Pain at School

Whether your back pain came on slowly or suddenly, the Spine Institute of North America is ready to be your answer. We offer revolutionary, minimally-invasive spine surgery that delivers huge relief and small recovery time. However, depending on what back issue you’re working through, it can take a while to fully defeat it. For many people,… read more