Sciatic Nerve Pain

Tone That Booty for Less Sciatica Pain


We often take for granted our ability to walk with ease on two legs. Our bipedal nature is due to the strength of our spine and the uniquely built buttocks muscles that provide additional support for our upright lifestyles. However, when your back hurts, it’s hard to maintain an upright posture. There can be many… read more

Why Opt for a Spinal Specialist


Your first thought if you have any back pain is probably, “Why don’t I go see my family doctor?” And often, general practitioners can help with a variety of ailments, including some types of back pain. However, most doctors are taught to look for specific problems and only treat them in one way before they… read more

The Hips Don’t Lie


If you’ve ever been to the doctor for a sinus infection, they probably prescribed you some antibiotics and sent you on your way to get better. That may fix the bacterial infection, however, that doesn’t look at your body as a whole and the many problems that antibiotics can cause throughout your body, including in… read more