Spine Surgeon

Insights into Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease


The medical world is full of long terms and acronyms that can be daunting and frustrating for anyone just trying to find relief. A big part of the whole battle is just understanding what the experts are talking about! At the Spine Institute of North America, we always do everything we can to support our… read more

How to Tackle Treatment Anxiety – Part 2


There aren’t many people who look forward to receiving medical treatment of any kind, but we all need it sometimes. Avoiding getting treatment can lead to higher medical expenses and more complex treatment. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and get things taken care of. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be… read more

Is it Whiplash or a Cervical Spine Injury?

Many people take back health for granted. Like anything, it’s only when we lose it that we realize how great it is. We sometimes don’t even pay attention to body parts until they hurt, which is a how the system is designed anyway. Pain is the body’s way of speaking to us, sometimes in a… read more

Kids Versus the Backpack


When we think about back pain, we often don’t think about kids. As kids are quite flexible and recover from any discomfort easily, it’s rare to find any serious back pain conditions that will require the help of a spine doctor. However, that’s quickly changing over the last several decades. The way that kids and… read more

Why Your Mom Was Right About Standing Up Straight


You remember it so clearly. Your mom constantly chirping, “Stand up straight. You’re going to ruin your back.” Perhaps she even walked up behind you, grasped your shoulders, and pulled them back, much to your chagrin. While your mom may not have had the most subtle or appropriate tactics, like many moms, that doesn’t mean… read more

Common Back Injuries: Fractured Vertebrae


It’s exceptionally easy to take your back for granted. Until it hurts, you may not even give it much thought. However, the reason you’re able to stand, twist, and move about is because of your spine. As you age, many different things can happen to injure your spine. One very common back injury in older… read more

Stem Cell Therapy 101


There are many different spinal conditions that are often either difficult to treat or simply untreatable at this time due to current technology. This leaves many with few options outside of pain management strategies, and while pain management can have its own benefits, it’s not a solution. But there are new therapies and treatment options… read more