Therapeutic & Diagnostic Injections

Discover Therapeutic and Diagnostic Injections for Pain Management

If you are looking for chronic pain management for your back and neck pain, then diagnostic and therapeutic injections from the Spine Institute of North America could be a treatment option for you. Our spine specialists often use these trigger point injections for two primary reasons:

  • First, the injections can provide pain relief in the area where the patient is experiencing symptoms. Many of our injections contain analgesic medications that can numb the area or the affected nerve, providing relief for the patient. In many cases, the relief is temporary and the injection will need to be repeated. In rare cases, however, it can provide long-term relief from the painful symptoms.
  • Secondly, these injections can provide information in order to give our patients an accurate diagnosis. If the injection provides pain relief from chronic pain, then the spine specialist will be able to pinpoint the nerve or vertebrae that are the root cause of the pain. From there, the specialist can make an accurate diagnosis as to your condition and work with you to develop a treatment plan.

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You don’t have to live with back pain! Even if other treatments haven’t worked for you in the past or if you’ve had difficulty getting an accurate diagnosis, come to the spine specialists at the Spine Institute of North America. We offer cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art methodology to diagnose and treat neck and back pain. From trigger point injections to endoscopic surgery, we do it all. Schedule your free MRI review today.