Vertebral Compression Fracture

Help for Vertebral Compression Fractures

A vertebral compression fracture, or VCF, happens when trauma occurs to the bones in your spine. The damaged vertebrae will decrease in height due to the fracture, and must decrease by at least 15% in order to be considered a VCF. This specific condition occurs when trauma compresses the bones; it’s common in people who have osteoporosis, though some people develop it with age or as an effect of certain cancers as their bones become more brittle and prone to fractures. It’s most commonly found in the thoracic spine. If you’ve already have a vertebral compression fracture, you’ll be at a higher risk of experiencing it again.

There are a number of types of VCF, including:

  • Wedge fractures. The most common fracture.
  • Crush fractures. The entire vertebra breaks.
  • Burst fracture. Height is lost in the front and back of the vertebra.

If you have suffered from a VCF and are searching for back pain treatment, our back specialist may be able to help. Schedule your complimentary MRI review today.


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