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Hand & Wrist Pain

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As patients get older, they begin to experience pain in their hands and wrists more and more. However, the elderly are not the only ones who can have hand and wrist pain. From texting and typing to writing, we use our hands and wrists every single day. Although an underlying medical condition could be causing pain in this region of our body, wear and tear is usually the main culprit.

If you have pain in your hands or wrists that’s impacting your quality of life, then it’s time to call Spine INA. Our goal is to find the cause, so we can offer you effective treatment. We want to see our patients pain-free and able to do the activities they love without hindrance.

What Is Hand and Wrist Pain?

When you have pain that affects your hands or wrists, it can be a bit complicated to find the cause. After all, both the hands and wrists consist of an intricate network of parts working together harmoniously. Delicate bones, small joints, muscles and connective tissue all make the thousands of tasks we do with our hands and wrists every day possible. When you add in the blood vessels and nerves, many things can go wrong.

If any of these components experiences an issue, pain in your hands or wrists is usually the result.

Potential Causes of Hand and Wrist Pain

Several factors could put you at risk for hand and wrist pain. If your job requires repetitive wrist motions, such as cutting hair or typing, this could lead to a wrist injury. Also, participating in sports always increases the risk of injury to many different parts of the body, including the hands and wrists. However, other conditions in this area of the body arise unexpectedly or due to your genetics.

Some of the most common causes we see for both hand and wrist pain include:

  • Injuries: Whether it’s an unexpected trauma or repetitive stress, your wrists and hands can develop an injury quite easily. Fractures, sprains and strains to the bones, muscles and ligaments are just some of the injuries we encounter.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis, or joint inflammation, is one of the leading sources of hand pain, but it can also impact the wrist. The two most common types we see in patients with wrist and hand pain are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Increased pressure on the hand’s median nerve can be excruciating.
  • Tendinitis: Tendinitis is a result of irritation or inflammation in the wrist’s tendons.
  • Fractures: Eight small bones comprise the wrist, and 27 are in the hand. If any of them become fractured or broken, it can lead to pain.

Symptoms of Hand and Wrist Pain You Should Be Aware Of

More than likely, you will experience pain in your hands or wrists at some point in your life. From a jammed finger to a slight ache, pain in this area is usually nothing to be alarmed about. However, you may get to a point where you need to take note of your hand or wrist pain, as they could be indicating a more serious medical condition or injury.

Some symptoms to be aware of include:

  • Dull or sharp pain that lasts longer than a few days and interferes with daily activities
  • Stiffness
  • Trouble gripping objects
  • Swelling or redness around the joints
  • Repeated clicking sound in the wrist
  • Pins and needles sensation or tingling, especially at night
  • Reduced range of motion
  • A weakness that makes holding things difficult

What do we do?

Providing a thorough diagnosis to know the cause of your pain

Using the least invasive procedure that will relieve your pain quickly

Providing effective follow-up to ensure fast recovery

Ensuring that you remain fit so that you can enjoy long-term relief from pain

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Treating Hand and Wrist Pain

When you come to Spine INA, we strive to create a customized treatment plan that will adequately address your hand and wrist pain. Initially, we may attempt to deal with the pain using conservative, non-surgical options. This could include hot or cold compresses for the affected areas of pain, a splint or brace, physical therapy, medication or a combination of these treatment options.

However, if these do not serve to decrease your painful symptoms, we may have to rely on a least or minimally invasive surgical procedure. We always keep you fully informed about all treatments available, so you can make an educated decision. We may also employ one of our regenerative medicine techniques, including platelet-rich plasma injections.

Treatment options might include:

Treatment Is Available at Central New Jersey’s Spine INA

When wrist and hand pain is keeping you from doing the activities you enjoy, then it’s time to contact Spine INA. We have three New Jersey locations that provide convenient access to top quality medical care.

Whichever treatment option we pursue, you can rest assured that your health and wellbeing are our top concern.

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