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5 Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome Relief

Piriformis syndrome is a disorder that causes hypertrophy — muscle enlargement — spasming or pain in the piriformis. The piriformis muscle, which is situated in the buttock area, begins at the lower spine and then connects to the top of each femur, or thighbone. It allows the hip to rotate and […]

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How to Avoid Back Pain From Gardening and Yard Work

Working in your yard and garden is enjoyable for many people. The result provides a lush lawn with freshly mowed grass, beautiful flowers and colorful fruit. It’s not uncommon, though, for your body to feel sore or to have a little back pain after spending the day in your yard. […]

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Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a range of symptoms — one of which is back pain. Backaches during pregnancy are extremely common. More than half of women will experience a type of back pain during their pregnancy. While the pain is similar to what you might have experienced before you were pregnant, there are […]

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Is Calcium the Key to Bone Health?

Is Calcium the Key to Bone Health? Calcium is necessary for human health and function. It’s a major component of bone strength and growth, and it’s essential for many other bodily processes. A common health concern is inadequate calcium intake, which can lead to weakened bones and a greater risk […]

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Why Opioids Aren’t the Best Solution for Back Pain Management

Back pain is one of the top causes of disability and missed work in the United States. When people chronically feel pain and can’t work, they are desperate for solutions. While there are many approaches to back pain treatment, a health care provider may prescribe a drug from the opioid family, a […]

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