How to Adjust Your Posture to Reduce Disc Pressure

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For many of us, sitting at a desk for eight hours a day is a simple and unavoidable fact of life. And while it may seem a bit counterintuitive, sitting down to “take a load off” can actually add quite a bit of pressure to our backs. When our back is in its ideal position,… read more

Common Causes of Back Pain and Ways to Treat It

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If you’re suffering from any type of back pain, almost every aspect of your life can be limited. Sleeping is reduced, carrying anything can prove nearly impossible and many aspects of a job can become extremely difficult. Because you often can’t get the recovery time you need, suffering can seem to last forever. Spinal issues,… read more

Common Back Problems in Younger Athletes


Many teens and younger adults are eager to get involved in sports, whether through their school, private group or informally. At this age, these activities offer a great outlet for energy, encouraging exercise, good sportsmanship and the value of teamwork. However, the downside is a significant risk of injury. Back injuries are often associated with… read more

Conditions That Cause Neck Pain


Experiencing neck pain is something we all get to go through at some point. Unfortunately, there is really no way to avoid it. Many times, we can chalk the pain up to sleeping in a funny position or wrenching our necks the wrong way, but if you’ve ever wondered if something more is going on,… read more

Is Your Neck Pain Serious?


We’ve all woken up and realized we’re going to have to get through the day without turning our heads because of neck pain. Neck pain can be startling and have a debilitating effect on your daily life. You’re ready for it to leave the instant it shows up, and much like any kind of spinal… read more

2 Common Types of Arthritis

At the Spine Institute of North America, we have the ability to manage and treat spinal arthritis and its symptoms. As we’ve worked with patients from around the world, we’ve learned that people don’t really understand just how extensive arthritis actually is. There are over 100 types of arthritis, and they cause pain for people… read more

What Happens When You Don’t Do PT


People often see physical therapy as a form of detention. They get through their operations, and they just want to be done; they don’t want to go back for additional appointments. We understand. Nobody wants to have back troubles in the first place, and all too often, the journey to a solution is exhausting and… read more

Insights into Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease


The medical world is full of long terms and acronyms that can be daunting and frustrating for anyone just trying to find relief. A big part of the whole battle is just understanding what the experts are talking about! At the Spine Institute of North America, we always do everything we can to support our… read more

Common Back Pain and Why It is Serious – Part 2


For many people, back pain is a daily companion, and not a welcome one. In our years treating hundreds of people with back pain, we have met many people who have accepted the pain as normal and formed their lives around it, when in fact, they have options. We’re not talking about the people with… read more