Easing Into a Diet

If you’ve been struggling with back pain, your doctor may recommend losing weight as part of your treatment plan. Diet and exercise are the keys to shedding those extra pounds. In theory, jumping on the dieting bandwagon sounds great. However, completely changing how you eat is a huge transition, and hardly anyone talks about how… read more

When Is It Time to Go to the Doctor for Your Back Pain?

No one should have to live with pain. Yet, back pain is a common issue that crops up in many people from time to time, causing most to ignore it. After all, this issue often resolves on its own after a couple of weeks. However, if you’ve been suffering from back pain for a long… read more

12 Hobbies That Cause Neck, Back and Joint Pain

Hobbies add excitement and fun to life. Whether it’s a sport, relaxing diversion or art form that brings you enjoyment, you don’t want to give it up, even if it causes pain. Because hobbies require regular practice, repetitive actions can eventually add stress to joints and compress nerves. The neck and back sustain the bulk… read more

Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis affects millions of people across the world. This condition, a bone disease, occurs when the body either loses bone or does not make enough. This causes bones to become brittle and more prone to fractures. Every year, more than 8.9 million bone fractures occur due to osteoporosis. The condition is most common in people over the… read more

Choosing the Right Shoes for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the United States and affects eight out of 10 people at some point throughout their life. Back pain might be a small sharp pain or a dull ache that persists all day. Many different factors can cause back pain from poor posture to lack of exercise. However,… read more

Back Pain At The Office

If you work in an office and spend the majority of your day sitting down, you are probably not a stranger to back pain. Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day can lead to stiffness and tension that causes serious discomfort while working. If your job requires you to twist or bend frequently,… read more

7 Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

Athletes maintain high speeds and display impressive feats, but bodies can only take so much. Injuries frequently happen in high-intensity sports, requiring recovery time and setting the progress of athletes back. Fitness is a healthy practice, and participation in sports promotes regular exercise. However, physical activity in sports wears down ligaments, muscles and joints and presents… read more

The Connection Between Weight and Back Pain

Back pain and weight problems are both ongoing issues for Americans, but these conditions have a surprising connection. Obesity has several associated health complications, including diabetes, strokes, heart disease and high blood pressure, but back pain also relates to the presence of extra body fat. Excess body weight can add to stress on the spine,… read more

Wearing and Caring for Your Back Brace

An orthopedic doctor may prescribe a back brace for a range of conditions. For example, a doctor might recommend a back brace to treat scoliosis which is a lateral curvature of the spine. They might also prescribe a back brace to help a patient heal after surgery. Or, perhaps you chose to purchase a lower… read more

Alternatives to Traditional Back Surgery

When you need something more than conservative treatment for your low back pain, your doctor may recommend surgery. Traditional back surgery methods involve large cuts into the bone and tissue. As a result, recovery can take a long time. Fortunately, patients with certain back conditions have another option. Minimally invasive spine procedures accomplish many of… read more