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Why Opioids Aren’t the Best Solution for Back Pain Management

Back pain is one of the top causes of disability and missed work in the United States. When people chronically feel pain and can’t work, they are desperate for solutions. While there are many approaches to back pain treatment, a health care provider may prescribe a drug from the opioid family, a […]

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Reasons Why Back Training Is Crucial in Your Workout Routine

Even if you regularly work out, you may be ignoring your back muscles. Training your back muscles is crucial to developing your overall health and preventing back pain, which is the leading cause of disability worldwide. By taking just a few minutes out of your day, you can strengthen your muscles […]

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Back Pain After Running? Here’s What to Do to Help

Running is an excellent form of aerobic conditioning for the body, but it can be harsh on the spine. Many people experience lower back pain after running. Pain doesn’t have to slow you down, though. Using proper form and training, you can minimize back pain after running and get back […]

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5 Ways Disc Degeneration Provokes Back Pain With Age

Back pain is one of the most common forms of pain that patients mention to their doctors. If you have back pain, you must tell your doctor because you could be experiencing disc degeneration symptoms. Disc degeneration is a common issue that many people suffer from, especially as we age.  […]

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6 Reasons You May Be Experiencing Back and Hip Pain

Pain can be distressing, especially if you’re not sure what brought it on. If you are experiencing back and hip pain, these aggravating symptoms are usually the result of overuse or injury. The frustrating aspect of combined hip and back pain is that many different causes could be to blame. […]

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