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CornerLoc® SI (Augmentation)

Although the sacroiliac joint (SI) has a limited range of motion, this complex joint acts as a shock absorber between your upper body and your legs. The SI joint connects your hip bones to the sacrum, a triangular bone that sits between your lumbar spine and your tailbone. Due to trauma or wear and tear over time, instability of the SI joint can begin to cause you to experience painful symptoms.

At Spine INA, renowned leaders in spinal procedures may recommend the CornerLoc® SI Joint Fusion System. This minimally invasive procedure is designed to stabilize the SI joint and potentially prepare it for SI Joint Fusion.

What Is the CornerLoc® SI Procedure?

If you are suffering from sacroiliac joint pain and are looking at the possibility of joint fusion surgery, the CornerLoc® SI Joint Fusion procedure offers a minimally invasive alternative to relieve painful symptoms and treat instability.

The CornerLoc® SI Joint Fusion System uses a state-of-the-art cortical bone graft as well as a DBM sponge derived from bone that can be compressed into a void where it then carefully expands. The procedure is simple, effective and safe.

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What You Need to Know About CornerLoc™

Who Might Need the CornerLoc® Procedure?

As with any bodily joint, the sacroiliac joint can become damaged or degenerate over time. The supporting ligaments can also become injured or stretched. Once sacroiliac joint dysfunction sets in due to a specific traumatic event or wear and tear over time, patients may experience quite a few painful symptoms, such as:

Many surgical techniques address instability issues in the lumbar spine. Few, however, focus on the sacroiliac joint. This leaves patients with limited options once conservative treatments have failed to provide relief.

Patients who have experienced SI Joint Instability or pain may be good candidates for the CornerLoc® SI procedure. This includes those with the following conditions or injuries:

How the Procedure Works

The CornerLoc® SI procedure uses a posterior approach, meaning the surgeon makes two small incisions in the lower back region. This approach allows your surgeon to gain simple and safe access to the sacroiliac joint.

The CornerLoc® SI Joint Fusion System utilizes two specially designed lock graphs. These are placed within the patient’s SI joint to increase joint stability and create an ideal environment for fusion. The cortical allographs used are engineered to provide patients with maximum stabilization, holding the SI joint firmly in place.

Recovery Time

Because of the nature of the CornerLoc® SI procedure, there is minimal risk of post-operative complications. In fact, most patients begin walking just hours after treatment. Within two weeks, you can expect to be able to return to work and perform non-strenuous activities.

Your spinal surgeon will provide you with special instructions to ensure your recovery goes well. This includes:

  • Walking as tolerated
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Taking all prescribed pain medications

Prognosis from Receiving Procedure at Central New Jersey Locations:

The majority of patients who undergo the CornerLoc® SI Joint Fusion procedure report a significant reduction in SI joint pain. Following their recovery, most individuals find long-lasting relief.

To meet with one of our providers to find out if the CornerLoc® SI Joint Fusion System is the right treatment option for you, contact Spine INA today to set up an appointment.

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