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Living with back pain can be debilitating and many feel it can undermine simple, everyday joys. Uncovering the cause of your pain and finding effective treatments that address your individual symptoms is of paramount importance.

When you come to the Spine INA, our dedicated team of highly trained, board-certified spine specialists work with you to find the cause of your back pain and provide the best treatment to help eliminate it from your life. Whether you’re struggling with neck problems or spinal issues, or you’re searching for relief from sciatica pain, we can help treat your specific symptoms.

The Leaders in Least-Invasive Spine Procedures

We lead the field in least-invasive spine procedures, providing our patients with outcomes that include smaller incisions and shorter recovery times. At the Spine INA, our goal is to return you to your normal daily activities as quickly as possible. We know that open surgery is not the only answer, and we provide effective alternatives with long-lasting results.

Each of our patients has their own unique circumstances, and there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to pain management. Whether your course of treatment is therapeutic injections or endoscopic spine surgery, we can help.

We understand that when you turn to our experienced staff that you are placing your trust in us. That’s why we strive to answer all your questions so that you can rest assured knowing you are in capable hands. When we feel that a certain treatment option is the best course of action for you, we help you fully understand what it entails before proceeding with your care.

Pain Management Treatments

Significant and chronic pain that lasts for an extended period of time can have a profound impact on physical and mental health. Chronic pain can cause stress that may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, decreased immunity, sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety and other health concerns. Getting prompt, quality pain relief is essential not just for getting rid of pain, but also for maintaining good health and improving quality of life.

What Is Pain Management?

Pain management refers to any medical interventions, therapies, treatments, counseling and other forms of support that can help eliminate or alleviate the pain and its impact. In some cases, pain management is temporary and is used until the pain is completely gone. In chronic pain management, the goal is to make the pain more bearable, and treatment may need to be ongoing.

It is important to keep in mind that management does not need to lead to more pain. You do not always need to have surgery or medication with many side effects that cause more discomfort before providing relief. Choosing the right combination of solutions and seeking out less invasive options can improve your quality of life more quickly. Always consult with a professional, like the dedicated team at Spine INA, to come up with a customized plan to address your conditions and the underlying causes of your pain.

Who Can Use Pain Management?

The ideal patient is one who has been evaluated by a medical professional and is dealing with chronic pain in a certain area or multiple areas of the body. A patient must also be able to withstand the pain management process chosen.

For example, someone receiving medication for a condition will need to work with care professionals to ensure the medication does not interact negatively with other prescriptions and does not contain any treatments the patient may be allergic to.

What Types Of Treatments Are Available?

Fortunately, researchers are always working on and developing new ways to counter medical conditions, and that includes serious pain. Our spine specialists continually search for new treatments and procedures so that we can offer our patients the latest innovations in the least-invasive spine procedures. They continually travel the world, seeking out continued training and education to keep the Spine INA at the forefront of the latest techniques.

Current treatment options available at Spine INA include:

  • Endoscopic Surgery: Endoscopic procedures are less invasive and less painful than traditional surgery, and recovery times are faster.
  • Neuromodulation: This type of therapy involves delivering stimulation or energy to an affected part of the body to help address discomfort.
  • Injections: Also known as regenerative medicine, treatments such as stem cell therapy, prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma injection are designed to stimulate new cellular growth.
  • Surgery: In cases where a more invasive surgery is required, doctors may operate to offer long-term pain relief.
  • Medication: Pharmaceutical intervention can be used in conjunction with other treatments to help manage pain.
  • Therapies: There are a number of physical and mental health therapies that help reduce pain and help patients deal with the emotional distress it can cause.

Endoscopic Spine Procedure

An endoscopic spine procedure is an innovative, least-invasive solution that can help relieve pain in your back, neck and legs. Because it doesn’t rely on traditional or even minimally-invasive spinal surgery methods, this treatment addresses painful conditions without the many potential complications and lengthy recovery times.

Endoscopic procedures involve inserting a small tube with a camera and other types of medical equipment into the body to address conditions that once were only treatable by invasive surgery. Using micro-instruments, your physician can selectively decompress or ablate the pain generator which is the root cause of your painful symptoms.

Many of these procedures, such as an endoscopic discectomy or endoscopic facet rhizotomy, for example, will result in an incision of about ¼ of an inch and have a shorter recovery time than most back surgeries.


Neuromodulation is one of the fastest-growing areas of pain management medicine, improving the overall quality of life for hundreds of thousands of patients with numerous disorders throughout the country. The term neuromodulation does not refer to just one treatment but comprises multiple treatment solutions.

Neuromodulation describes the techniques which deliver an electrical or pharmaceutical agent to a specific area of the body thus altering nerve activity. The main goal is to decrease chronic pain by modulating or normalizing nervous tissue function.

Numerous clinical trials have documented that this FDA approved procedure is both safe and effective. Neuromodulation is administered via the least-invasive techniques. Plus, there are none of the main side effects associated with oral pain medications, such as sedation or cognitive impairment.

Regenerative Medicine

Injuries occur every day to people who require no medical intervention. This is because of the body’s ability to heal itself. Regenerative medicine taps into your body’s natural regenerative potential by manipulating its capacity to heal, repair and replace damaged tissue. This least invasive procedure relies on injecting substances that encourage new cellular growth. Two of the most well-known therapies in this growing field include platelet-rich plasma injections and stem cell therapy.

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