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Our Providers

Baher Yanni, M.D.

Dr. Yanni’s dedication to an excellent patient experience as well as his extensive medical expertise make him among the best.

Aron Rovner, M.D.

Dr. Rovner focuses on providing patients with a positive experience through minimally invasive treatments that are effective.

Tolga Kapusuz, M.D.

Dr. Kapusuz is dedicated to helping minimize pain through minimally invasive and traditional treatments.

Alexander (Avi) Pekurovsky, M.D.

Dr. Pekurovsky integrates medical and interventional approaches to create an individualized plan for his patients

Edward Alexeev, M.D

Dr. Alexeev takes a holistic approach to caring for patients, focusing on physical performance and quality of life.

Amanda Morris, PA-C

Amanda Morris’s extensive experience in sports medicine give her the expertise needed to help athletes alleviate joint pain.

Payal Patel, PA-C

Payal Patel’s expertise in helping patients manage pain makes her a great addition to the Spine Institute of North America team.

Carmen Cheng, PA-C

Carmen Cheng helps her patients by not only treating their pain, but also educating them for a healthier lifestyle.

Chrissy (Hye Min) Kim, APN

Chrissy Kim's focus on compassionate care provides a positive experience for her patients in their pain relief treatment.

Alexa Nappi, PA-C

Alexa developed an interest in pain management during her clinicals when she saw the profound life changing effects of treating chronic pain.

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