Our Back Surgery and Pain Management Doctors

Meet Our Specialists

Meet Dr. Yanni
Dr. Yanni’s dedication to an excellent patient experience as well as his extensive medical expertise make him among the best. Learn more about Dr. Yanni.

Meet Dr. Sakr
With a dedication to a positive patient experience and years of intensive training, Dr. Sakr looks forward to helping you live a life with less pain. Learn more about Dr. Sakr.

Meet Dr. Rovner
Dr. Rovner focuses on providing patients with a positive experience through minimally invasive treatments that are effective. Learn more about Dr. Rovner.

Meet Dr. Ali
Dr. Ali is passionate about finding a solution to your pain using least-invasive treatment options whenever possible. Learn more about Dr. Ali.

Meet Amanda Morris, PA-C
Amanda Morris’s extensive experience in sports medicine give her the expertise needed to help athletes alleviate joint pain. Learn more about Amanda Morris.

Meet Rashida Hassanali, PA-C
Rashida Hassanali has strong medical expertise that makes her a trusted adviser for our patients. Learn more about Rashida Hassanali.

Meet Payal Patel, PA-C
Payal Patel’s expertise in helping patients manage pain makes her a great addition to the Spine Institute of North America team. Learn more about Payal Patel.