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8 Exercises to Increase Your Hip Mobility

8 Exercises to Increase Your Hip Mobility

This content was medically reviewed by Baher S. Yanni, MD, on July 8th, 2020.

As the center of your body’s movement, your hips handle a high level of demand every single day. Enhanced hip mobility can make movements easier and reduce strain on your body. What is hip mobility? It refers to the range of motion of more than 15 muscles in your hip area.

Why is hip mobility important? Staying loose can help to improve your stability, flexibility and strength. As a bonus, this will help you power through athletic performances. Hip exercises can also help to combat issues like lower back pain and knee problems.

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8 Effective Hip Mobility Exercises

Wondering how to increase your hip mobility? One way is to incorporate these eight exercises into your everyday routine — no special equipment needed!

1. Lying Hip Rotations

This easy warmup exercise will get you into the rhythm of your hip exercise routine. Start by lying on your back and bending both of your knees. Cross one ankle over the opposite knee, and rotate your hips in and out for a good, deep stretch.

2. Piriformis Stretch

If you spend a significant part of your day sitting while you work, the muscles in your rear — like the piriformis — can become tight. Loosen your lower body by crossing one leg completely over the opposite leg. Your knee should cross over your thigh. Pull your crossed knee toward the opposite shoulder and hold before switching legs and repeating.

3. Butterfly Stretch

The butterfly stretch targets your groin muscles and helps to improve your hip rotation. Keep your back straight and sit upright with your feet together. Using your hands, press your knee toward the ground and move your groin to your heels. Repeat on each side.

4. Frog Stretch

To complete the frog stretch, get in a position on your hands and knees, with your knees as far apart as you can comfortably manage. Rock back and forth, keeping your feet on the ground and your toes pointed outward. Repeat this motion a few times before relaxing into the stretch.

5. Kneeling Lunge

Get into the lunge position, with your knee and foot hip-width apart. Keep your hips square and your upper body straight. Lean forward into the lunge, then pull your back knee off the ground and toward your body in order to fully flex your hips.

6. Squatting Internal Rotations

Stretch your hip flexors with a short burst of squatting internal rotations! Get in a deep squat position and rotate one knee down to the ground. Work through the movement slowly and then switch to the other knee. If you’re having a hard time getting into a deep squat position, try sitting on a stool to complete this exercise.

7. The Cossack Squat

Step into a wide stance and then lower yourself into a deep side squat. Keep your heels down and your knees above your toes. Push one leg out to the side for balance. You should feel the muscles in your groin stretching. Hold this position for three seconds and then repeat on the other side.

8. 90/90 Stretch

Begin in a sitting position with both knees bent on the ground in a 90-degree position. Keep your back straight as you bring your chest toward one knee. This will stretch your glutes and your hips. Rotate back over your rear leg. Complete 10 repetitions on each side.

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