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What’s the Recovery Time for Platelet-Rich Back Injections?

What’s the Recovery Time for Platelet-Rich Back Injections?

Back pain is a leading cause of discomfort and mobility issues among adults. However, modern science has developed several treatment options to address back pain, from surgery to medications and less invasive procedures. One of the newer treatment options available is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, which is effective and allows for a short recovery time.

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How PRP Injections Help You Recover From Pain

If you have back pain, PRP injections allow doctors to draw your blood and extract a mixture of plasma and platelets. Then they’ll inject this combination of your blood components back into the damaged tissue in your back, where it triggers an immune response. Your body’s system sends white blood cells to the area to heal the damaged cells, resulting in reduced pain and better back movement.

PRP treatments work by boosting your body’s own ability to heal, making them effective for chronic back pain and some other types of chronic pain. While patients may need to return for additional injections, many report an improvement in their back pain symptoms.

One of the advantages of PRP injections is that it uses components of your own blood, reducing the risk of your body rejecting the treatment.

How Long Is the Average PRP Injection Recovery Time?

PRP injection recovery time varies by patient, but most patients return home the same day as their treatment. Many patients can return to work the next day, though some extend their PRP recovery time to a few days to rest. After your treatment, you may see reduced back pain symptoms in three to four weeks. The healing process may continue for up to six months. You and your doctor can agree on a course of PRP injections to maximize healing, with rest time in between.

In comparison to PRP, doctors typically recommend a 24-hour recovery period for back pain steroid injections before you return to everyday activities. However, some patients take a few days off to recover more fully.

The recovery time for back surgery can be even longer. Since it’s an invasive procedure, you’ll need to remain in the hospital. You may be released in a few days and the healing process can take anywhere from twelve weeks to a year after back surgery, depending on the procedure and your own body.

PRP Injection Aftercare

While recovery time after a PRP injection varies, you can properly care for yourself after treatment to ensure you feel better as soon as possible. Be sure to get approval from your doctor for any medication, including any natural supplements or over-the-counter medications you may take. Your doctor may recommend not taking some medications for a few days after your treatment.

Your doctor will provide you with additional instructions for the post-treatment period. You may be told to avoid taking baths, saunas or applying any heat or ice to the injection area for a few days. You might also be instructed to avoid smoking and alcohol. Follow your doctor’s recommendations closely.

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If you’re interested in using PRP treatment to minimize the symptoms of chronic back pain, even back pain that has resisted other treatments, Spine INA may be able to help. Our team of personable and helpful staff creates care plans for back pain patients so we can get you back to your daily lives faster. Our goal is to use the least invasive treatment options while providing you with the most optimal pain relief possible.

To find out more about PRP treatment and whether it may be right for you, schedule an appointment with Spine INA today.

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