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Alternative Pain Treatments

Alternative Pain Treatments

Today’s exciting technological age allows medical professionals to share information faster than ever. Patients also have extensive health knowledge at their fingertips thanks to the internet. This technology gives doctors and patients a wide range of pain management strategies to choose from, including alternative medicine that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery.

Research suggests that the following types of natural pain relief can reduce chronic pain symptoms.

Physical Activity

Physical activities like running and yoga can help you manage chronic pain symptoms. In addition to relieving the pain itself, exercise improves your mood and energy levels.

Yoga often reduces pain levels and increases daily function. It can offer symptom relief for a year or longer, depending on the patient’s situation. We recommend consulting your doctor before attempting this form of alternative pain management. You want to find a safe solution for your condition.

Cognitive Therapy

People with chronic pain often experience mood symptoms like depression. Depression and other mental health issues make it difficult to manage the physical symptoms of chronic pain.

Chronic pain patients can benefit from learning to manage their mood-related symptoms. After all, pain management takes a multi-faceted approach. Both traditional and innovative forms of cognitive therapy can improve physical and emotional issues that stem from pain.

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is one of the most prominent alternative medicines. People who experience back pain can often feel relief after receiving spinal manipulation treatment.

Manipulating the spine has similar benefits to exercise and therapy. Remember to consult your doctor before seeking treatment, and seek out a licensed chiropractor with extensive experience.

Relaxation Therapies

A range of alternative pain management therapies focuses on reducing stress in the mind and body. For example, biofeedback trains your body to change its involuntary actions during stressful situations, while mindfulness meditation and guided imagery allow you to direct your thoughts away from your pain to reduce its intensity. Evidence shows that these approaches relieve pain symptoms as a part of a holistic pain management strategy.

Massage Therapy and Acupuncture

When people think of alternative pain treatments, their minds often go to acupuncture first. An array of research demonstrates its benefits as a valid non-drug treatment for low-back pain.

ACP also suggests massage therapy as an option for doctors and patients to discuss, which can offer short-term natural pain relief to patients with acute symptoms.

Learn More About Pain Management From the Spine Institute of North America

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