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What Are Common Pain Management Techniques?

What Are Common Pain Management Techniques?

Pain management doctors understand that pain comes from a variety of sources and affects different parts of the body. This knowledge is what makes a pain management specialist different from other doctors. You can learn some of the most common techniques used at pain management centers below.


Medication is one of the most common therapies used to help patients manage pain symptoms. Proper pain management usually doesn’t involve only medication, however. It takes multiple approaches.


When conservative techniques don’t relieve pain effectively, a doctor may recommend injections. During an appointment, a specialist injects medicine directly into the affected area. Injections can also help doctors determine the source of pain so they can offer more effective treatment.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy involves the manual movement or stimulation of painful muscles and joints. A doctor can recommend physical therapy as a pain solution or to help someone recover from surgery. Some physical therapy strategies include careful exercise. Meanwhile, others involve passive techniques like massage.

Psychological Support

Many people underestimate the impact that chronic pain can have on somebody’s emotional well-being. When pain gets in the way of everyday activities, some patients feel anxious or hopeless. An experienced therapist helps patients cope with the psychological effects of pain. In addition, reducing stress can actually lower some types of pain and increase comfort.


In severe cases, some doctors will recommend surgery to relieve chronic pain. The procedure depends on the source of the discomfort. For example, someone dealing with spine pain may get a spinal fusion. Before electing to undergo invasive surgery, every patient needs to discuss their needs with a specialist.

Least-Invasive Procedures

To tackle the source of the pain without requiring a long recovery time, pain management specialists like our staff at Spine Institute of North America use least-invasive procedures. Least-invasive procedures avoid as much damage as possible for successful treatment and recovery. At Spine Institute of North America, we offer least-invasive procedures such as:

  • Endoscopic procedures: Using a small camera, a specialist can address the source of the pain without using large incisions. Patients who go through endoscopic procedures experience less pain and recovery time than those who go undergo traditional surgery.
  • Neuromodulation: A device regularly sends stimulating electricity to the nerves or another part of the nervous system like the spinal cord. The doctor implants it under the skin to provide the most effective treatment.
  • Regenerative medicine: When pain comes from an injury, the body needs to repair itself to manage the pain. During regenerative medicine procedures, a doctor injects a substance that stimulates cell growth.

Create an Effective Pain Management Strategy

Our experts take a multidisciplinary approach that manages all aspects of pain. Schedule an appointment today to get the relief you need.

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