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Nerve Block, Steroids, or Facet Joint Injections: What’s the Difference?

Nerve Block, Steroids, or Facet Joint Injections: What’s the Difference?

With the variety of injections available to treat many different types of pain, it’s hard to distinguish one from another. At the Spine Institue of North America, we offer a variety of injections in order to best serve our patients, find them pain relief, and be as minimally invasive as possible. All of the injection procedures are similar in operation, they just provide different benefits and act on different mechanisms in order to provide you with the most tailored treatment possible. In order to help you understand the different injection options available, we’ve put together a handy guide below as to the differences and who each of the various types of injections can benefit. For further questions, schedule an appointment and talk with a specialist at SINA in New Jersey today.

Nerve Block Injections

A nerve block injection can be done anywhere along the spine. This particular injection targets the sympathetic nervous system and helps to reduce inflammation in nerves that branch from the spinal cord and the ganglia that is present at a particular location. Nerve blocks are a form of pain management as the substance that is injected numbs the nerves and helps to block pain signals. Regular injections may be necessary depending on the cause of the pain and your overall treatment plan.

Steroid Block Injections

Steroid injections, or large point injections, are different from nerve blocks only in that they provide a steroid medication in the injection versus an intense numbing agent. The goal of a steroid injection is to provide the joint and body with help to reduce inflammation in order to reduce pain. Steroid injections are not as frequent as nerve blocks or trigger point injections as your doctor will need to be cautious about how much steroid medication you are provided over a given length of time. These injections are exceptionally helpful for individuals who are younger and able to pursue physical therapy as a treatment option in conjunction with injections.

Facet Joint Injections

Facet joint injections are a type of steroid inject that is administered to a very specific set of joints. The upper part of your spine, known as the cervical vertebrae, has two specific points on each segment that rest on one another. These are known as facets. These facets can become inflamed and cause severe neck pain. Steroid injections directly into these joints of concern can help relieve both inflammation and pain in the neck.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are unique from the other injections above as they are injected directly into painful soft tissue, versus a joint. Trigger point injections use both numbing agents and steroids to relieve pain and help release the tension in the soft tissue.

Why Choose SINA?

The Spine Institute of North America is an optimal choice for all your injection needs in order to relieve musculoskeletal pain. With a focus on patient care and satisfaction, you can trust that our experts are ready to help you find pain relief from all your back related concerns. Schedule your consultation with SINA today.

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