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What’s Causing Muscle Knots in Your Back?

Have you ever felt an ache in your back that has a hard center? You may experience even more significant discomfort if someone pushes on the bump, and it could become swollen. This is what a muscle knot feels like. Sometimes muscle knots radiate outward, creating tension that sparks stress headaches. […]

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Tuna Fish: The Red Flags of Low Back Pain

How do you know when your back pain is just back pain and when it’s something more? Back pain is quite common among all people, but sometimes it’s more than stiff joints or an overactive workout. Learn more about the red flags of back pain with Spine INA. Schedule a […]

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How Chronic Pain Relief Positively Affects Your Mental Health

This content was medically reviewed by Baher S. Yanni, MD, on October 13th, 2021. If you have chronic pain, you already know it impacts your physical health. But did you know it also influences you mentally? Those with chronic pain sometimes experience mental health conditions — and some mental health […]

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Self-Chiropractic — Is It Safe to Crack Your Back?

Self-Chiropractic — Is It Safe to Crack Your Back? There’s something magical about the feeling of popping your back — or any joint, for that matter. When you can feel — and hear — that release of tension, the relief is undeniable. Whether you unexpectedly achieve the pop or purposely contort yourself to […]

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How to Travel Comfortably With Joint Pain

How to Travel Comfortably With Joint Pain Are you planning a trip? The process of booking your travel and anticipating the people and places you’ll see is an exciting one, but you might be one of the millions of Americans who have arthritis and chronic joint pain. While you might be hesitant […]

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