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Herniated Disc vs. Spinal Stenosis

Everyone will deal with back pain at one point or another in their lives, and when you think about it, it is not really a surprise. Our spines have a staggering number of moving parts, all in close proximity to the brain’s main connection to the rest of our bodies. […]

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Is it Whiplash or a Cervical Spine Injury?

Many people take back health for granted. Like anything, it’s only when we lose it that we realize how great it is. We sometimes don’t even pay attention to body parts until they hurt, which is a how the system is designed anyway. Pain is the body’s way of speaking […]

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Steroid Injection Risks and Success Rates

Steroid injections are a great tool for helping with pain relief and pain management for a variety of conditions. They’re ideal for hard to reach areas of inflammation or degeneration, and they’re a relatively mild treatment option with few side effects. If you have to choose between surgery or a […]

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Tone That Booty for Less Sciatica Pain

We often take for granted our ability to walk with ease on two legs. Our bipedal nature is due to the strength of our spine and the uniquely built buttocks muscles that provide additional support for our upright lifestyles. However, when your back hurts, it’s hard to maintain an upright […]

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Diagnosing Back Pain with Steroid Injections

When it comes to your spine, there are many different joints and areas that can cause you pain. Because of the complexity of this structure, it can be exceptionally difficult to figure out exactly what is causing you pain. There are some times where a back pain specialist can simply […]

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