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Pinched Nerves: Symptoms, Treatments & Surgical Procedures

Pinched nerves can happen due to aspects of everyday life, making them a common condition. Unfortunately, they also commonly cause pain in the neck and back. Your nerves communicate messages between your brain and body, so you need to take good care of them. Learn more about pinched nerve symptoms and […]

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Reduce Your Sciatica Pain Using 9 Easy Workouts

We often take for granted our ability to walk with ease on two legs. Our bipedal nature is due to the strength of our spine and the uniquely built buttocks muscles that provide additional support for our upright lifestyles. However, when your back hurts, it’s hard to maintain an upright […]

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Best Ways to Prevent Back Pain While You’re Driving

Prolonged sitting, whole body, low-frequency vibrations and constrained postures while driving can lead to back pain. It’s no fun for anyone to drive with lower, middle or upper back pain. Whether you’re driving to work every day or taking a trip that requires being behind the wheel for an extended period of time, you […]

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How Can You Get Tailbone Pain Relief at Home?

This content was medically reviewed by Baher S. Yanni, MD, on September 13th, 2021. While it may be a tiny part of your spine, you’ll undoubtedly know if there’s something wrong with your tailbone. The coccyx is the small triangular bone at the bottom of your spinal column just above […]

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5 Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome Relief

Schedule a consult This content was medically reviewed by Baher S. Yanni, MD, on June 28th, 2021. Piriformis syndrome is a disorder that causes hypertrophy — muscle enlargement — spasming or pain in the piriformis. The piriformis muscle, which is situated in the buttock area, begins at the lower spine and […]

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