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Why Your Mom Was Right About Standing Up Straight

You remember it so clearly. Your mom constantly chirping, “Stand up straight. You’re going to ruin your back.” Perhaps she even walked up behind you, grasped your shoulders, and pulled them back, much to your chagrin. While your mom may not have had the most subtle or appropriate tactics, like […]

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The 411 on Degenerative Disc Disease

Back pain is never fun or easy to deal with, however, when doctors throw around a wide variety of terms, it can be even more difficult to figure out exactly what condition you’re dealing with. Before, we’ve chatted a bit about the difference between a bulging disc and a herniated […]

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Common Back Injuries: Fractured Vertebrae

It’s exceptionally easy to take your back for granted. Until it hurts, you may not even give it much thought. However, the reason you’re able to stand, twist, and move about is because of your spine. As you age, many different things can happen to injure your spine. One very […]

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Bridging The Gap Between Pain Management and Spine Surgery

By – Baher S. Yanni, MD For anyone who has suffered from low back pain and especially those with chronic pain (persistent for more than 3 months) there are numerous treatment options offered.  Many consumer products or some clinicians are boasting a promise to “cure” or offer long-term relief.  From […]

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Why Opt for a Spinal Specialist

Your first thought if you have any back pain is probably, “Why don’t I go see my family doctor?” And often, general practitioners can help with a variety of ailments, including some types of back pain. However, most doctors are taught to look for specific problems and only treat them […]

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