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How to Tackle Treatment Anxiety – Part 1

At the Spine Institute of North America, we can’t say how many times we’ve heard people express nerves when it comes to being treated for their back pain. We understand. Whether you’re going to the dentist, the physical therapist, or heading in for surgery, putting your body into someone else’s […]

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Is My Back Pain Normal or Chronic?

Our bodies communicate with us in a lot of ways. Hunger, itching, tastes, sounds … the list goes on. However, the way our bodies shout at us is usually pain. Even if you have a high pain tolerance, pain is difficult to ignore. It’s supposed to be that way. Pain […]

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When to Get Help for a Pinched Nerve

We’re getting into fall, which means the advent of warm drinks, cozy clothes, beautiful foliage, and crisp air. It also means lots of leaves, and thousands of Americans will be raking them, into piles, jumping in the piles, and then eventually realizing they need to bag the leaves up or […]

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Herniated Disc vs. Spinal Stenosis

Everyone will deal with back pain at one point or another in their lives, and when you think about it, it is not really a surprise. Our spines have a staggering number of moving parts, all in close proximity to the brain’s main connection to the rest of our bodies. […]

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Is it Whiplash or a Cervical Spine Injury?

Many people take back health for granted. Like anything, it’s only when we lose it that we realize how great it is. We sometimes don’t even pay attention to body parts until they hurt, which is a how the system is designed anyway. Pain is the body’s way of speaking […]

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